The Fight Continues ...

After several years of fighting, the most recent effort to send a Marriage Amendment to the people ended unsuccessfully on June 14 at the Constitutional Convention. While there is no active effort to pass a Marriage Amendment right now, three organizations are currently laying the groundwork, both legislatively and politically, for a successful future effort to restore the definition of marriage. We encourage you to support the Massachusetts Family Institute, the Coalition for Marriage & Family and Catholic Citizenship and stay active in the movement to take back our state. The definition of marriage is but one battle in a much larger war for our culture.


Massachusetts Family Institute is the pro-family public policy, research and lobbying organization. For sixteen years, MFI has been the strongest voice for traditional values in Massachusetts. MFI is currently working on a myriad of issues including casino gambling, sanctity of life, abstinence education and the homosexual agenda in public schools.

The Coalition for Marriage and Family is a group of organizations and individuals dedicated to many issues impacting families, uniting together to raise awareness of those issues and advocate for positive change. The Coalition is actively working to build and organize the pro-family grassroots movement throughout the state, and activate them on issues ranging from casino gambling to embryonic stem cell research as well as assist candidates who favor traditional values.

Catholic Citizenship, like the Coalition for Marriage & Family, is an organization that works with individual grassroots activists to forward a pro-life, pro-family, pro-poor agenda. Catholic Citizenship works within the already created network of Catholic parishes to educate and activate Catholic laypeople on the public policy fights of the day.

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